FT Article on Cross Track Technology

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It does seems that you have to be one of the ‘big boys’ to get mainstream press coverage. Despite, in my opinion at least, all the great (and innovative) outdoor stuff that folks like Street Broadcast are doing, journalists at the FT (and the like) continue to focus on the ‘easy’ stories with the big outdoor agencies.

Saturday’s FT 6th October 2007 has an article on page 3 entitled “Moving image trial starts in tube tunnels”.


It covers CBS Outdoor’s trials with Cross Track Projection (XTP) technology.

Basically an image is projected onto the wall of the London Underground (Tube) opposite a station platform.

I have heard it works well in Hong Kong – XTP is also operational in Vienna and Copenhagen – the trouble with the Tube is the curved walls I believe.

I am not saying that this story is not good; good for CBS Outdoor, good (slightly) for the Digital Out of Home sector but if the average reader were to reader Marketing Week and the FT then it would look like the only folks doing digital outdoors are CBS, Clear Channel and JC Decaux – which we all know is far from the truth!

For those readers of this blog who have companies listed on AIM (and there are lots of them) remember that readers equates to consumers which can equate to retail investors – these are the folks who will buy (and sell) your stock.

The whole industry (across EMEA, not just the UK) needs to do a lot more to promote the digital industry in the mainstream press.

CBS Outdoor have often stated that they wish to be the market leaders in the UK with digital outdoor – having Europe’s largest urban advertising market (London Underground) at their disposal helps of course – but, hat’s off to them, they are truly doing some great things and continue to be innovative.

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