Feedback Wanted On DPAA Standard Ad Units

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The Digital Place-based Advertising Association is looking for feedback from all segments of the industry regarding the Standard Ad Units for the industry announced at the recent DPAA conference in New York.

With the Standard Ad Units, instead of having to provide a different creative file to each place-based network added to a media buy, advertisers will be asked to render only 3 versions of their ad unit into a robust video format (MPEG-4), which will then be converted by the place-based networks for optimal performance on their video content distribution systems

“These Standard Ad Units are in no way intended to limit the creativity of Digital Place-based networks or agencies,” says Susan Danaher, president of the DPAA. “What these standards establish is a single video format and a handful of common ‘sizes’ that the overwhelming majority of place-based networks can accept and convert for their platforms. Ultimately, this streamlines the process for agencies and clients to approve the use of the place-based medium in their plans.”

The association has posted the document on its website to collect feedback and input over the next 30 days to insure all facets of the media and advertising marketplace have a chance to review the proposed Standard Ad Units and nomenclature. To access the document, please click on this link

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