Nordic’s Largest Retailer Chooses ZetaDisplay

Chris Sheldrake

Leif Liljebrunn from ZetaDisplay was all excited when he told us about this latest deal of theirs and yes their have been some interesting announcements from the Scandinavian region recently – watch out for a spate of acquisitions also, led most probably by Neo Advertising.

The ICA Group, which has about 1,400 trader-owned stores in Sweden, has chosen ZetaDisplay’s technical platform for an in-store TV rollout (it’s NOT TV if it is in retail but we are fed up of saying that now).

Leif Liljebrunn, ZetaDisplay Vice President told us “This agreement provides a real step forward for active media in retailing. The market has been waiting for a major player to invest in this medium. We are naturally very pleased that our technical platform has been chosen, and are convinced that this will be followed by other major retailing chains. Our estimate is that this order will amount to about SEK 50 million over four years”

A four year deal will see ZetaDisplay supplying the necessary technical equipment to the retail sites and to the ICA head end, along with its own in-house developed signage software as well as doing all the content in its own studio, the communication with individual stores, support and monitoring – where the hell were Cisco and / or IBM when deals like this were signed, Ed?

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