Game On!!

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Immedia Broadcasting have been piloting Live radio broadcasts to about 50 GAME Group plc. stores for some time now and yesterday they announced to the stock market that they had won a full rollout of 300 stores.

The agreememt is to provide subscription radio to all their stores across the UK. Under this new contract, Immedia will produce tailored content and broadcast a brand new, live in-store radio station named GAME Live! to GAME stores in the UK.

Presenters have been carefully chosen not only as professional broadcasters but also as avid gamers with a wide and in-depth knowledge of the many gaming genres and platforms currently available. GAME Live! features game reviews, charts and competitions, as well as music and news updates.

Anna Macario, Marketing Director of GAME, said:

‘GAME Live! has proved to be a valuable addition to GAME’s specialist proposition. From the beginning, Immedia was able to understand our specific needs and tailor the radio station to engage with our customers and staff. The response by staff and customers to the initial trial of GAME Live! was very positive and we are confident about bringing Immedia’s service to all of our stores in the UK. We look forward to developing GAME Live! with the Immedia

In the past a number of music and signage companies have been pitching to Game, including the likes of Hartland Electronics and Kaleidovision so well done to Immedia for winning the business and getting such a large rollout.

Now all they (Immedia) need to do is add screens.

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