Zavvi, DSN, Elbow

Chris Sheldrake

DSN’s Zavvi screen window network shown here in their flagship Piccadilly location showing the advert for the Mercury Award winning album from Elbow.

The client was Polydor Records/Universal Music.

We also hear rumours that they may have signed a deal with Monster Media. If that’s true then we guess that the horrible Orion Infinite M-PDP shown here (complete with huge bezels) would be replaced and they might also start using Monster Media’s proprietary motion detection system as well!

That can only be a good thing – the trend with retail window displays is very much projection these days, often with added vinyl as pioneered by the likes of Mediazest and Motomedia.

Both Monster Media and WindowGain have established offices in the UK, see “Monster Media Open London Office” and see “WindowGain opens office in the UK” – we can see a real battle royal between these guys going forward.

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  1. Shop Window Says:

    The writer reports that the trend is very much projection however it would be good to get their opinion in terms of what is the best display to use in a window display?

    In my opinion its not a case of Projection being the best way to do it but more that projection has won by case of being the least bad solution.

    If the window has shielding from direct sunlight then projection obviously offers the best cost vs quality solution however in direct sunlight, glare and reflection from the glass of the window itself adds to the already washed out nature of most projection systems under intense bright sunlight (even with 3M vikuti film) rendering the display almost unwatchable.

    Plasma & LCD dont really offer any benefit above this, LED or ITrans are clearly in my opinion the best solutions in terms of visibility in direct sunlight however the glass reflection and glare are still an issue and resolution is not high enough for close up viewing unless very very expensive LED screens are used, and seeing as window displays are most likely to be seen by pedestrians that rules these out (at the moment).

    It is also of note that projection systems require much more depth within the window to locate the projector/s. The windows in the Zavvi location pictured have only around 70cm depth before you hit a brick wall so some major building work will need to occur before the system changes to projection one would assume

  2. Dave Says:

    I think that you will find that the screens pictures ARE NOT the Infinite Plasma. The Infinite Plasma was originally mis specified for this window, but was subsequently removed as the product is obviously not suitable for this type of application.
    Maybe Chris could suggest a way of over coming the laws of physics and folding the light path from the projector in a 700mm deep window bay and achieveing a 108″ diag image?

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