Westfield’s Digital Spectacular Network

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

A couple of weeks ago Gail covered ‘Westfield Media Group’s New Network‘ and Daktronics have just caught up and issued a press release on their involvement.

It (the press release) doesn’t say much that we haven’t already said before but they did point us to this nice (it doesn’t need the soundtrack) YouTube video.

The displays are indeed, gorgeous 10 mm hanging banners that are on hoists that rotate which they operate using Daktronics’ Visiconn control platform.

3 Responses to “Westfield’s Digital Spectacular Network”

  1. Big Says:

    I love how you can see 2 Adspace screens in the background. It is just so funny.

  2. The Mole Says:

    Would be good to know how much a spectacular installation like this would cost as a one-off to other mall owners (to include screen + surround + motors + mounting etc).

    Anyone willing to take an educated guess?

  3. Al Patrick Says:

    Great looking screen, love the rotation, shame about the content…

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