5th Digital Signage Conference, Munich

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We were definitely hoping that next year’s #DOOHBizKonf would not conflict with #viscomdus (this year #DOOHBizKonf was in October and was we think the best conference in 2010 by a long way). This year, the also excellent, #viscomffm was in November but #viscomdus switching to Dusseldorf every other year is scheduled to be October 13-15.

We were also sort-of-hoping that OVAB Europe and the organisers of #DOOHBizKonf would maybe think about moving the event from Munich to Dusseldorf and perhaps have the event the day before #viscomdus?

Alas that is not going to happen but it does perhaps get even better #DOOHBizKonf is going to be held in 15th – 16th September in Munich (the day before Oktoberfest kicks off … Oktoberfest dates in 2011 are September 17 – October 3)

Talk about a win! Surprisingly enough the event is in our Travelogue already!

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