New Look TV Interactive Screen, Dublin

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

A little birdie had told us that New Look, a UK fashion retailer was likely going to be one of the first retailers to make use of a large number of Christie Digital MicroTiles and that was many months ago and we hadn’t heard anything further about it so a big thanks to the folks at BPM Media Ltd in Dublin (who had nothing to do with this installation) who pointed us at this YouTube video on Monday morning…

It’s in the New Look store in the Jervis Shopping Centre we believe and as you can see from the video above it centres around a massive 50 unit MicroTiles install and some really well done interactive digital signage.

Tuesday. 23rd November. 10:08 Update. We subsequently learnt via AV Interactive, who obviously get Mood Media press releases or exclusives whereas we don’t 🙁 that this is a Mood Media install. See AV Interactive’s article ‘Mood Media are the first to install Christie’s MicroTiles in the UK

2 Responses to “New Look TV Interactive Screen, Dublin”

  1. Dan T Says:

    A little birdie Ed, do you mean your client who pays well for your consulting services? Christie? The lights will be going off in Dublin soon, how will you power the 50 units? Windpower from Dailydoo?

  2. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Dan, nope – you will find little ‘spin’ on this site and we are more than honest who we do work for. The ‘little birdie’ was someone at IBC earlier in the year and not a Christie employee. It’s worth re-iterating that even though our offices (Henley) and Christie’s (Wokingham) are only 12 miles apart in the UK we actually have very little to do with them – our contracts and contacts are in Canada with the marketing and the R&D divisions. As it says in the post, if it wasn’t for the folks at BPM media then we would not have known about this install.

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