Now We Are Motoring (Mercedes Digital 48 Sheets)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Did you know that the average dwell time across the Clear Channel network during peak hours sits at 47 seconds per site thanks to the fact that 7 of the 10 locations are positioned at traffic lights?

A new Mercedes campaign aiming to raise awareness of their ECO-Start Sprinter model is featuring on 25 digital 48 sheets across London during September and October.

Kinetic has planned and bought JCDecaux and Clear Channel digital 48 sheets, because it feels it is the ideal format to reach drivers stuck at traffic lights and in jams across the city – sad but true!!!!

Mercedes’ target audience is males over 25 in a situation with a potentially high dwell time…

The ECO-Start system automatically stops the engine of the stationary vehicle if in neutral and the clutch pedal released. This innovation saves on fuel, toxic emissions, noise and wear to engine. It’s reported that the ECO-Start can significantly reduce fuel consumption, particularly when driving in cities.

This is the first time that Mercedes have used digital formats to promote their Sprinter model although London’ers may have seen adverts for Mercedes CLC and SL models in the past.

The campaign will also feature on panels at petrol station forecourts (we guess Primesight Buy and Drive) around the UK from 22nd September, and on 48 sheets at traffic lights in a second burst from 20th October.

An interesting aside is that Clear Channel research shows that vans comprise 17% of vehicular flow across all 10 of its digital sites – how’s that for focus?

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