My favourite screen just doubled in size

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

7 - Eleven

My favourite ITrans screen in the Virgin Megastore in Piccadilly just got bigger – it’s now double the size it was previously.

The great thing with these ITrans screens is that you can easily tile them and make them any size and shape you like. I still haven’t seen any really innovative shapes with this yet but you get the picture that you can quite easily create 12 and 16 sheet (and larger).

The folks at Digital Screen Networks need some help with content though. I am not sure who recommended that they add a scroll bar to the bottom of the screen.

When will people learn that this is not TV – it’s not TV in any form whatsoever. People watch TV but they don’t watch Posters and digital out of home is so much closer to (animated) Posters than any form of TV.

As someone said at the Digital Signage Forum in Athens yesterday “poor content can make a bad network”

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