Lou Giacalone, Jr. SVP, Digital, Titan Worldwide

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We had a nice email last week from Lou Giacalone, Jr. SVP, Digital, Titan Worldwide following on from our story ‘Chicago Buses Get Titan’s Version Of Superscreens‘…

“Hi Adrian. Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Lou Giacalone, and I head up Digital for Titan. I’m based out of our NY HQ, and am responsible for all of our digital goings on. I saw your post today, and provided a comment confirming Litelogic’s involvement with the Chicago bus program. In the future, feel free to contact me with any questions regarding Titan’s digital programs. If I am able to provide clarification or comment, I’d be delighted to do so. Take care, I’m sure I’ll meet you at some industry event sometime! Regards, –Lou”

Which I am sure you will agree is a nice email. Lou has been around the digital network business for some time – he founded Adspace Networks in 1998 and invented CoolSign.

Lou’s profile over on LinkedIn is worth mentioning too…

Lou Giacalone, Jr.’s Summary

I am one of the pioneers in the digital signage/digital media industry. Now working at Titan Worldwide, I’m tasked to bring the technology into the mainstream of urban life with large-scale deployments underway in top DMAs in the US and in UK and Ireland as well. www.titanoutdoor.com

I am also the founder of CoolSign, one of the pioneers in the digital signage industry. CoolSign is now part of Planar (NYSE: PLNR).

Was on the founding team of Silicon Gaming, the first to bring rich multimedia to the casino slot machine industry.

I hold several patents in gaming and digital related areas.

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