Control Your Presentations With Microsoft Kinect

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Founded only back in June 2009, So touch is a creative multi-touch and touch-less / gesture software publisher for the event, retail and interactive digital signage.

This interesting compatibility with Microsoft’s Kinect caught our eye…

Today they (almost) have three software solutions in their stable…

  1. So touch Presentation – multi-touch presentation software used by many companies around the world for their events, corporate presentations, and even for (limited) interactive digital signage or to equip their sales forces (clients include the likes of W.H.O., Ares Corp., Barem Research, DTZ, Montreal’s Casino, Bronkhorst, Maersk, Active Media):
  2. So touch Air Presenter, the gesture version of So touch Presentation which as shown in the video above and now has compatibility with Microsoft Kinect
  3. So touch MyWay, an advanced multi-touch wayfinding solution that should be released by the end of the year

So touch basically design and develop software to equip, SME-SMI and AV sales and rental companies as well as large corporations and seem to have big ambitions and are aiming to release new interactive solutions for the digital signage market next year. Look out for them at a number of European events.

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  1. Bryan crotaz Says:

    Does this remind anyone else of tai chi? Hopefully it’s possible to use in a less robotic fashion? A very nice start to the Minority Report future …

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