‘Theatre of Dreams’ Gets EA SPORTS Exclusive

Chris Sheldrake

This is a more interesting announcement than might first appear at first glance so pray read on…

The ‘Theatre of Dreams’ (aka Manchester United’s Football / Soccer Stadium Old Trafford) is, courtesy of Matchday Media’s 200 x MDM.TV in-stadia Screens getting an exclusive repeat peak of an Electronic Arts TV commercial only previously shown on SKY TV – in fact it was only ever first shown during the half time interval of last week’s Chelsea v Manchester United game.

The commercial itself stands out as something of a 4 minute masterpiece and won rave reviews amongst armchair football fans (for you could not have seen it if you were at the game!!!) and has been much talked about.

The advert basically features Wayne Rooney as a Manchester United fan (he is in fact a regular first team Manchester United and England star) playing EA SPORTS FIFA 09 game by controlling ‘himself’ playing for Manchester United against Real Madrid!

It’s all rather clever and looks great and to any die-hard Manchester United fan something that they would not wish to miss.

So here we see Mediacom being rather clever on EA SPORTS behalf and getting the advert repeated in the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ to over 150,000 fans during the next two Premier League fixtures at the Old Trafford stadium.

Simon Broderick of Mediacom told us “We seized the opportunity to place this great piece of content at the heart of the fans experience and given its unique resonance with Manchester United fans chose to run the extended version at half time during live games”

He added “EA SPORTS FIFA 09 needs to be close to the beautiful game and the MDM.TV network allows us to talk to football’s most passionate and active fans – hence our use of their complete stadium network for our standard FIFA 09 creative”

Our industry needs to help the Media Planners come up with many other clever uses of TV material as possible, so hats off to all those involved in pioneering this.

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  1. spacemonkey Says:

    Very Interesting, but hardly pioneering. Mediacom signed a two year deal about 2002 with a company called POSAd on behalf of EA Sports. The company used TV screens in stadia running FIFA 2003 ads on screens across the entire MDM estate, and most non MDM Premier league clubs, the ADI screens at Everton, Aston Villa. West Brom etc.

    On top of this POSAd arranged for the ads to be screened at over 80 clubs across the country on concourse screens and Giant LCD screens.

  2. Denys Lavigne Says:

    Ok, Ok, enough with the man U stories… What about Arsenal TV… (!) Cheers. D.

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