BroadSign And Titan Settle With Minkus

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It may be termed a ‘license agreement’ but to all intents and purposes it’s a settlement – out on the PR Newswire Tuesday Dec. 21, 2010 was that both BroadSign and Titan Outdoor Holdings had settled with Minkus Electronic Display Systems, Inc.

Both announcements stated Blah! has entered into a license agreement with Minkus Electronic Display Systems for United States Patent Number 5,309,174. The license agreement resolves the dispute between the parties that was pending in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware”

Not sure whether to be shocked / annoyed / dismayed. I think it would have made / still does make more sense if everyone who was being sued stood together. Neither BroadSign or Titan were the first to break ranks and settle (Ryarc Media Systems also settled we believe and one case against JCDecaux was mysteriously dismissed as well) but either way we think it’s just plain silly – however much it costs to fight this case.

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  1. Dave Haynes Says:

    The logic behind settling and moving on – as opposed to a lot of money, time and grief is certainly there.

    However, and this is coming from row 15 up in the bleacher section, you have to wonder if taking the easy way out sends a big, very loud signal to the many, many, many others out there who have some form of patent on digital signage.

    You can almost picture them in offices reading news of this: “Well … it worked for Minkus, maybe it’s time to ring up my attorneys and see what they can do …”

  2. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    You can’t attack it on its use of “RF Modems”?

  3. Barry Thurston Says:

    I’m pretty sure there was a guy called Wolfgang Mandler selling Scala InfoChannel to hotels in Norway a considerable time before this patent was filed for and another guy called Chris Fulton selling Limelight here in the UK if my memory serves me. It beggars belief!

  4. oldsignguy Says:

    i heard of a sign guy that made animated messages with a pc xt and talaria video projector (pre-apple) and then on to aquastars and character generators. then going totally uptown tech with programmable 18″x20′ reader boards and baseball stadium displays indoors for advertising in the mid 80’s.

    this patent and suite never had substance with prior use. anyone settling now is trying to hide from reporting open litigation at end-of-year to thier shareholders. aka attention avoidance at c-level. wankers.

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