Cittadino mit großem Auftragspolster

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Our friends over at invidis consulting obviously followed up on our ‘Dusseldorf Based Cittadino For Sale’ article which we broke on Monday.

On Tuesday invidis wrote over on their site “Cittadino mit großem Auftragspolster – keine Verkaufsabsichten” which, literally translated means “Cittadino have a strong order book and have no intention to sell”.

As we type, reaching for the German dictionary, we wonder “How exactly do you say BULLSHIT in German?”

This reminds us of the EK3 For Sale story we ran a couple of years ago – whilst EK3 were busy telling all of their partners, clients and employees they were DEFINITELY not for sale we were sitting with a term sheet on the table in front of us. Done properly, there is no shame in being for sale. There is (or should be) a lot of shame in not being honest.

Why anyone would want to recommend ot even do business with so-called partners who are not capable of being honest with you is beyond us. Having spoken to two funds who were approached well before Christmas to acquire Cittadino we can tell you that invidis’ representation of the situation is ‘schwachsinn’.

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