John Morgan Leaves IBN

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

After just over six years with InStore Broadcasting Network, John Morgan, previously VP, Research & Shopper Insights is no longer working full time for the company.

We understand that he is pursuing consulting opportunities for retail and media research and marketing strategy.

WIth well over 11 years experience before IBN with Nielsen IMS (his last role there was Director of Technology) he would make an excellent hire / consult for someone.

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  1. John Morgan Says:

    Adrian –

    Wanted to update you on my status. I have have founded Retail Media Insights ( to provide research, marketing strategy and sales consulting for ad-supported media networks, retailers, advertisers, agencies and investors looking to get into the space. This is a growing, exciting industry and I’m bullish on the future of place-based media!

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