3M Settles With Minkus Minkus

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Is it possible that any of the larger digital signage software vendors have the balls to stand up to Minkus Minkus?

Apparently not perhaps as news reaches us today of yet another (in this case, supposed) ‘biggie’ fold and give in to (what we believe is) blackmail as 3M announces that it has settled – sorry, not ‘settled’ of course, we mean ‘entered into a “patent license agreement involving digital display technology”‘ with Minkus Electronic Display Systems.

We’ve long believed that 3M had no right in even pretending to play in the digital signage space and if this is the best they can do when standing up to someone who is no more than a patent troll then they may as well just go and continuing scotch taping paper signs up everywhere!

We love by the way how the Minkus Minkus mantra is now “Minkus Electronic Display Systems is a premier licensor of digital display technology patented in United States Patent Number 5,309,174, awarded to inventor Loren Minkus”.

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    This will surely usher in a new wave of patent infringement suits against all major digital signage providers.

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