Amscreen 24 Hour Orange Campaign

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

A very nice Orange (mobile / cellular phone provider) campaign went live Friday with a bit of a difference – it was a 24 hour only promotion supporting Pay As You Go top-ups (consumers could top-up £15 and get £5 free).

The campaign booked by Digicom ran throughout Amscreen’s entire convenience store network and their entire forecourt network as well.

We in the industry don’t need reminding that (digital) screens can be booked in 24 hour increments and be put up and taken down almost instantaneously (and let’s not forget regional / local variations but we are getting ahead of ourselves) – media buyers, planners, advertising agencies and brands however are always going to need reminding what is available AND possible in each country.

Friday’s activity is proof positive of what is possible: a 24 hour campaign running nationally across the UK (not just in London or the major cities) with a distinct and easy to measure call to action. Pretty fantastic when you think it hit well over 3,000 screens!

This is also we believe the first time that a major mobile (cellular) customer has used any of the Amscreen networks. The results may never be made public but we reckon that Orange will be back for more (and hey it’s only the first week of the New Year).

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