#ISEUROPE – Extron Party

Geny Caloisi

Every year, on the first night of ISE, I find myself wondering which party I should go to.

Many times of course you have parties on the same night. Crestron has incredibly good ‘bashes’ and often organises to take guests away on boat trips or factory visits – always great fun!

This year the Extron party is in the same place as last year, bang in the centre of town with excellent food and the wonderful Caro Emerald singing.

So this is where the DailyDOOH crowd will be on Tuesday February 1st.

Bring your dancing shoes too! I always do.

2 Responses to “#ISEUROPE – Extron Party”

  1. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    Dancing shoes. Tick.
    Toothbrush, passport, wallet… oops.

  2. ISE-Visitor Says:

    Sorry to spoil the party but Caro Emerald won’t be there.

    Vocal cord polyp forces Caro Emerald to slow down
    25-01-2011 16:17

    A routine check up at the Ear, Nose & Throat specialist has revealed that Dutch singing sensation Caro Emerald has a polyp on one of her vocal cords.
    Caro will undergo surgery next week with a full recovery estimated to take 3-4 months.
    As a result all touring and promotion has been canceled until May.

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