German and Italian Digital Signage /Narrowcasting Initiatives

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Monday, July 9, 2007 14:42

As you know I believe that the Digital OOH revolution in Europe is being firmly led at this moment in time by the Netherlands, the UK, and then France – well perhaps also by JC Decaux’s Airport activities but that’s another story!!

The Carlipa Group will also rightly tell you that there is a lot of business in Eastern Europe.

Retail banking initiatives run all over but apart from that, large rollouts across the rest of Europe are hard to find.

Having said that it’s great to be able to report on the launch of Italy’s first structured and integrated digital signage distributor…

Comprel Srl are an Esprinet company, see

And following on from my McDonalds update of last week, it’s great also to report on GetTV, from the 42mediagroup which has two incredibly good restaurant installations in Roth and Gunzenhausen.

They broadcast “McTV” which is a mixture of music, general information, cinema trailer and information regarding McDonalds, see

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