New Snow Days App Open To Ads

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

State College, Pennsylvania-based, a leading multimedia weather information source, has introduced advertising opportunities on its new application for iPhone, AccuWeather Snow Days, a localized and detailed forecast that predicts the probability of school cancellations due to winter weather threats.

“Kids and parents love AccuWeather Snow Days for iPhone,” says Pascal Racheneur, vice-president of interactive media for AccuWeather. “Not only is the app colorful and fun-to-use, but it also helps them plan their schedules in advance of school closings. Brands and advertisers have the chance to connect their name with a popular and reliable new app, and its users. They are checking AccuWeather Snow Days 24×7 from all locations on their iPhone.”

Advertising space opportunities include top of page, 300×50 banner ads that may click through to more detail on both weather and the advertised products or services.

Updated every hour, the Snow Days Forecast provides a five-day, five-point scale ranging from ‘very likely’ to ‘very unlikely’ that school in your location will be cancelled due to winter weather, along with details such as current temperatures, chance of precipitation, and predicted amounts of precipitation. To offer guidance in planning special enrichment activities, the Forecast also includes Saturday and Sunday.

AccuWeather Snow Days for iPhone can be downloaded at no cost. (TheSnow Days Forecast can also be downloaded at
 The Snow Days Forecast takes into account a variety of winter weather events that may play a role in the decision whether to cancel school, including snow, ice, and extreme cold. It considers not only the actual weather, but its likely impact on road and travel conditions. It also takes into account local climatology. For example, an inch of snow in northern Florida may lead to school cancellation, while it will likely take a much greater snow accumulation to cancel school in the Great Lakes snow belts.

The Snow Days Forecast is not intended as a replacement for official school closing and delay notices, which come directly from the school district and Accuweather management stresses that its Forecast never be used as a reason not to prepare to go to school or to postpone doing school work.

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