Deutsche Postbank 850 Venues

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

More details are emerging on the Deutsche Postbank screen network rollout – though for some reason Postbank and T-Systems seem to be trying to keep a lid on what is publicly announced.

It’s for 850 venues

T-Systems, a division of Deutsche Telekom, won the contract.

42media group are delivering the technical solution – this will probably be their very own OxygenMediaPlatform

Postbank is similar to say Caja Postal in Spain (now Argentaria) – the venues’ post office counter and the banking counter are in the same premises – in the UK this would be the equivalent of a savings bank owned by the equivalent to Royal Mail / Post Office.

With 14.6 million domestic customers, approximately 22,000 employees and total assets of €190 billiion, Deutsche Postbank Group is one of Germany’s major financial services providers. Its focus is on retail business with private customers. It is also active in the corporate banking sector. In its “Transaction Banking” division, it performs back office services for other financial services providers. Deutsche Postbank AG went public in June 2004. Since September 2006 Postbank is listed in the DAX German share index. The majority shareholder is Deutsche Post AG.

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