DIY Chain Chooses ZetaDisplay

Geny Caloisi

Do all Danish builders look like this?

Swedish digital signage provider ZetaDisplay is to provide its media platform to DIY provider Beslaco, in an initial order that will see 18 branches of the DIY chain so equipped.

It’s a customer facing system designed to help the tools and hardware chain communicate more effectively with its clients.

The deal was strucked directly between Topco and ZetaDisplay. Topco is the purchasing organisation for Beslaco.

Leif Liljebrunn, CEO ZetaDisplay told us “We are pleased to be a selected supplier to Topco, which is actively engaged in the professional market for craft work and industry. We are convinced that this is a breakthrough for the segment and that henceforth there will be more such business to follow in the Nordic countries”

He added “We are also delighted at the progress we are making in Denmark, which is at the moment an interesting market.”

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