The Industry Events Calendar

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It was Phil Cohen a few weeks ago in one of his amusing ‘Cohen on Content‘ rants who said “Let’s get a grip on saving the date for Trade Shows and Conferences!” and made mention that there was a lack of a central place to go to get all the dates for industry events across the globe.

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He made a good point (the industry does need to keep better track of events and try to align them all better) but he was wrong on one count – we’ve always had an industry calendar (and pretty much have kept it up to date) BUT (to be fair) it was hidden away on our site and not that obvious.

Now however after a lot of work from our R&D team we’ve managed to tweak our main WordPress theme and the industry calendar is now middle right on the main page. We’ve also removed FEEDJIT and as much as we loved it in the early days it was becoming less and less relevant (and controllable with various weird text ads popping up all over the place). The whole front page of DailyDOOH is also now supposedly much more fondle-slab friendly as well. Let us know what you think.

If you have or know of an an event that is not listed in the calendar then please let us know with dates and location and we will see about adding it.

Note that the Calendar is different to our Travelogue which indicates where we will be throughout the year and is not intended to be a full list of events.

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  1. Madalyn Roker Says:

    Great changes Adrian (Andrew!).

    Don’t forget the OAAA/TAB show in Miami April 11th – 13th

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