Mirror Image Network At O’Hare

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Clear Channel Airports, leading marketer of airport advertising, has teamed with Mirrus, creator of the Digital Advertising Mirror and the Mirror Image Digital Network, to launch mirror-based digital signage in select airports across the U.S., initially at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Phase one at O’Hare is now up. Upon completion, the O’Hare network will consist of 150 40” digital advertising mirror displays found in select restrooms throughout the airport. They will feature marketers’ messages via high-definition video and/or HD still images. The displays offer additional features that allow brands to further interact with audiences and can be used to drive consumer offers, contests, and other programs.

The network is controlled remotely and messaging is scheduled to the second via Mirrus’ proprietary, broadcast quality content management system. The mirrors also include a robust sensor that measures the number of consumers who engage with each mirror and the duration of that engagement.

“These displays create unique opportunities for marketers to deliver targeted messages that are highly impactful and relevant to consumers,” says Toby Sturek, president, Clear Channel Airports. “They’re already driving interest from consistent airport advertisers, as well as opening new categories like pharmaceutical, consumer products, and food and beverage. And we’ve already received positive feedback from consumers through research on the network. W plan to implement additional networks in high-traffic airports across the nation.”

“We developed these digital displays to provide brands with a platform to convey gender specific advertisements that are guaranteed to reach female and male audiences in an uncluttered environment,” said Brian Reid, president and founder of Mirrus.

Initial market research and quantitative testing has been conducted by global media research agency Millward Brown to study the effectiveness of Mirror Image as an advertising medium and quantify advertisers’ return on investment based on the concrete metrics Mirror Image collects. The research suggests that consumers remember brands advertised in Mirror Image at a rate of 5X greater than other advertising. Furthermore, brands achieved a positive uplift in brand equity as a result of advertising in Mirror Image.

Ken Kovasala, senior vice-president, director global business development at Mirrus, says that Clear Channel is helping fast track Mirrus with their top 25.

“We have an aggressive growth plan for 2011,” says Kovasala. “Mirrus will install between 1,250 and 1,500 additional Mirror Image units in the top 10 DMA’s, predominantly in airports. The majority of the installations will begin in Q2. These installations will help us deliver 26 million unique impressions by close of 2011.

“We’ve had tons of interest for national campaigns from premier brands and these installs will enable us to play heavily in national media campaigns.”

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