Showcase Cinema De Lux Brand Rollouts

Chris Sheldrake

Showcase Cinema De Lux have added Leicester and Bristol venues to an already existing Derby, making three in total.

These are Beaver Group installs using Scala and look pretty good.


  • Date opened: 16.05.08
  • 47x 42″ LCD Panels
  • 6x HD Projectors
  • 28x Media Players

  • Date opened: 04.09.08
  • 34x 42″ LCD Panels
  • 17x Media Players

  • Date opened: 25.09.08
  • 43x 42″ LCD Panels
  • 4x HD Projectors
  • 24x Media Players

Showcase Cinemas is a brand of US-based National Amusements and specialises in luxury, state-of-the-art cinemas, creating an exciting lifestyle destination.


With the ‘Cinema De Lux’ concept, Showcase has created enhanced recreational environments and chose digital signage to go with the premier customer experience on offer. Traditionally, printed signage would be used on the concessions stand menu boards, box office and for the posters of upcoming movies. These posters would previously be static and manually put up by cinema staff. With a digital signage solution, movie posters, trailers, box office screens and menu boards are elegantly displayed and can easily be updated.

The Derby install is up for one of the UK AV Interactive awards, for ‘Digital signage project of the year’ but faces, we feel, stiff opposition from the ‘3G stores roll out by AVM’ – which in reality is as much a Realisation project as anything.

The 3 store rollouts are very good, so the winner in this category will be tough to call.

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