Three Men On The Bummel

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Next weekend we will be heading off on our regular road trip from London to Amsterdam ready for a Monday of #DiSCO11 and a week of #ISEUROPE but in between we have a quick trip to Montreal to fit in and DailyDOOH Towers is seeing a hive of activity getting everything ready for both trips (and I should be packing instead of writing this).

  • Our North American editor, Gail who of course lives in Montreal gave us a weather update last night and we LOL’ed when she told us “Nice forecast for you” and then proceeded to tell us how cold it would be “Max. -15°C Min. -18°C” – that Ice festival on the Quays we planning on going to Saturday night with the Arsenal Media folks doesn’t look quite as good an idea as when we agreed to go!
  • If we get a chance when we arrive at Mirabel we’ll be looking out for the 80 or so new AeroVertical digital screens that Astral has put in. Everyone (other sites we mean) have the one picture that was supplied on the press release but of course we’d like to get our own. The screens are hanging from the ceiling from what we can judge but may be entirely or predominantly in the domestic terminal so let’s see.
  • If we haven’t said how much we love Eventbrite enough in twitter recently let us say so again here on the blog. We’ve now used Eventbrite to help organise three industry events. It’s free and it’s great, no it’s fantastic – in fact t’s so good that if they charged we’d still happily pay. Organising our Tweetup at #iseurope was a doddle using the site and all the tools available and we are using it at the moment to organise the next unconference which will run the day before #ScreenMediaExpo (details up on Monday about this).
  • In a similar vein it’s worthwhile making note again of the Preset Industry Mixer at #dse2011 in a few weeks time. I am not exaggerating when I say that 100’s people have asked us how they can get tickets to attend and when the online registration for same will be open (they using Eventbrite of course and look out for their use of the iPhone barcode scanning app at the door as well). The Preset Group guys say similar in terms of demand for tickets. It’s guaranteed that tickets (which are free of course) will sell out in less than 24 hours so watch for an announcement (you will be given plenty of time) when it’s all set to go. As a sponsor we get 10 tickets for our own use and I can already foresee a huge clamour for favours 😉

Three Men On The Bummel. In reality there are only two gentlemen setting off to Montreal (though we will meet Gail there and have been promised a Sunday lunch of cheese fondue, meat fondue and chocolate fondue) and in Amsterdam it will be more like Three Men And a Little Lady (Adrian, Andrew, Russ and Geny)

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  1. Vanessa Says:

    Hi Adrian-

    We’re always so thrilled to hear from people who use Eventbrite for their events–thanks so much for singing our praises!

    Congrats on hosting such a successful event!
    -Vanessa, PR Manager at Eventbrite

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