enVu Now in More Than 100 Malls

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

New York-based enVu, an out-of-home interactive media company, has announced more than 100 mall deployments of its immersive advertising platform, enSpire, within the top 20 designated market areas.

“We started writing our press release a week ago with 101 deployments and have been adding almost daily since,” says Benjamin Mathieu, enVu CEO. “At the network’s launch in September 2010, we undertook a commitment to rollout 100 installations within a three-month time frame and we’ve respected that. enSpire vowed to provide retailers and brands with an interactive shopping experience in time for holiday crowds.

“Our priority right now is to continue to grow the network. We hope to reach 200 to 225 malls in the next few months. But we also want to solidify our infrastructure, to update, and do some cleaning and back office work as any new company does after a fast launch, while gearing up for more sales.”

Using eye-catching graphics and interactive features, enSpire’s advertisements engage shoppers to interact with a logo or promotional content. This content then directs shoppers to the nearest mall retailer selling the featured brand, or drives them to a Website or social media platform.

Among the malls including enSpire are those of CBL & Associates Properties Inc..

Advertising campaigns on enVu usually run for four or 12 weeks, depending on the campaign by the advertiser. Three of the biggest advertisers to date have been Coca-Cola, Fanta and Crocs.

“We expect to attract companies in entertainment, food and telecommunications in the next few months,” says Mathieu, adding that enSpire will deploy 35 installations within the next five weeks.

“With the continued deployment of enSpire and its gestural interactive technology, enSpire is bringing innovative ideas to advertisers with its interactive, entertaining experience, while also heightening purchase intent – beneficial to retailers, brands and consumers,” he says.

“We want to be in on the briefing and strategy sessions at agencies and then we can take the creative concepts and apply the technology in-house.”

Heading creative is Brian O’Shea (announced recently) as vice-president creation, while John Keller is vice-resident sales. Both are based in Chicago.

enVu’s management claims that its enSpire platform surpasses passive print ads and one-way digital displays by establishing an impactful, two-way connection with consumers, so they not only understand the content, but establish a lasting memory.

According to the Digital Place-based Advertising Association’s guidelines, a study conducted during a particular four-week period measured enSpire’s audience viewership of 36.2 million. It’s anticipated this audience viewership within a four-week period will soon reach 60 million by the end of 2011, when it reaches its full deployment of 225 malls.

enVu, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stratacache, is based in New York City, with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, Tampa and Montreal. enVu envisions future growth to 5 billion annual viewers in key DOOH venues by 2013.

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