Clear Channel Outdoor Display At Toronto Pearson

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Clear Channel Outdoor Canada has unveiled a spectacular interactive digital advertising and wayfinding display at Toronto Pearson Airport in Terminal 1.

This leading-edge display features an advertising module that incorporates two 103” vertically-oriented 1080P HD plasma displays and a retail promotional wayfinding module with two interactive touch screen displays.

“These networked displays will provide venue owners with the most sophisticated wayfinding/promotional platform to drive retail revenues, and at the same time offer the large-format broadcast quality digital OOH medium that so many advertisers are seeking today,” says John Jory, president, Clear Channel Outdoor Canada.

This digital signage solution allows retailers, advertisers and marketers to use creative, vibrant messaging on the displays to engage customers, provides real-time data analysis and offers the flexibility to change messaging.

The ability to engage customers is only increased by the use of colour video and interactive touch screens. The large-format display networks will broadcast 1080P static and full motion video commercials in a scale complementary to the large atria and concourses in modern airports, malls and other commercial buildings across Canada. The display is both adaptable and alluring and ensures that passersby are engaged by its design and vibrancy.

The large format broadcast quality screens are expected to attract many categories of advertisers such as fashion, cosmetics, and consumer/packaged goods.

This powerful advertising module enhances the consumer experience by providing customizable departure and gate details, as well as ATM and washroom locations. Further, the display holds specific retailer information including electronic couponing available instantly to its users. Versatile by design, and it is geared toward user accessibility in a multitude of languages.

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