The Petters Group Matrix

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

For a company that claims in its ‘Official Statement by BroadSign International Re: Petters Group Worldwide” that “BroadSign International is not a PGW company or a subsidiary of any PGW divisions”

…it sure is strange to see on page 52 of the SUMMER 2008 edition of the Petters Group magazine the Petters Group Matrix (excerpt shown above).

I’m sorry but what exactly does that say?

Page 19 also has a nice article about BroadSign but that’s not unusual as in the previous FALL 2007 issue there was a nice interview with Brian Dusho from BroadSign about his BroadPartners programme.

2 Responses to “The Petters Group Matrix”

  1. open your eyes Says:

    Hey stupid,,

    If the Fbi and the Da says that broadsign is not part of investigation ,then who the hell are you to say otherwise..
    Coming froma man where evrything that came out of his mouth was lies ,your going to believe some non sanctioned ad then the feds..
    wake up man ..

  2. Adrian J Cotterill Says:

    We doubt if the references to BroadSign in the Petters magazines were ‘unsanctioned advertisements’ as you suggest – PGW was obviously doing as much as it could to promote BroadSign (as it should as an investor) and we see numerous references and several full page articles in archived Petters Group magazines.

    BTW we never implied that the FBI or any other body was investigating BroadSign – all we did was highlight the link between BroadSign and Petters Group – something thatg both parties in the past were keen to do so also.

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