Thoughts On Best In Show…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We tweeted this late last night but it’s probably worth a few lines here. We keep being asked “have we seen anything new at #ISEUROPE?” – answer in our vertical a firm No!! and “What’s the best thing we have seen so far at #ISEUROPE? – answer…

  1. Prysm. These guys have seriously improved their product. It’s looking much better than when we saw it late last year. Prysm are in Hall 11 on 11H52
  2. We are not big fans of 3D and don’t think it will take off in our space. However, perhaps the best non-glasses 3D we have seen is on the C-nario stand in Hall 12. It’s worth taking a look at the C-nario / 3DTV screen on the corner of their stand.

The content on the C-nario stand was of very high quality in general – we especially liked the sports stadium mockup they had. No sign of their CTO either on the stand so perhaps they are learning 😉

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