OK! Magazine Meets Hello!

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Lots of familiar faces walking the halls at #ISEUROPE these last few days and it continually surprises us that out of 34,000+ odd people in however many halls we have here at the RAI that you can continually ‘bump’ into folks (outside of the parties that is).

Tell me again. what's a hashtag?

Just some of the people we have spotted (and in some cases spoken to) so far; Don Sperring, Stephen Pratt, Mark Pigou, those nice guys Frank and Nikk from the best digital signage agency in the UK, Guy from Harrods (that’s ‘Guy’ not a guy from Harrods), Thomas Dockter (always smiling, always nice to see him), Florian from Kraftwerk and his business partner Oliver, David Williams (the nice one not the shite from Avanti), Neil Howman from RapidTV, Raad Raad from Mxn plus of course the folks who presented on Monday at #DiSCO11; Andrew Wood, Kelly Moulton (best presentation of the day we thought), Jose from Intel etc.

Also it’s always nice to catch up on their stands with Lou and Raffi from CoolSign (sorry we mean Haivision), Dirk Hulsermann on the NEC stand – someone in his element in his new home and a great host when Geny and I popped round (a) to interview him (story up later) and (b) for a catchup; Yael from C-nario, Damon from Scala, Dana and Christine from Prysm and Denise MacDonell from Harris.

There were plenty of PR people in evidence as well of course lookng after their clients (or not); Katinka Dinka avoided us at the Harris after show party (wow, what a great job she does representing her clients to us) and the always lovely Beky Cann.

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