Samsung’s LED LCD Video Wall (With Seams)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Do you notice the seams in the picture below? (hint: they are the black lines crisscrossing the display).

Well obviously the Samsung marketing people didn’t notice them (or pay any heed) when putting together the marketing material, brochure and the sign underneath the display itself which reads ‘Seamless LED LCD Video Wall‘ as shown below…

It was perhaps the stupidest sign we saw at #ISEUROPE this week. It didn’t get any better even if you read on as the sign continued ‘World most bezel-less LCD video wall‘ and we are still not quite sure what sort of English that is!

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  1. Mark Solomon Says:

    Well, if we’re being picky, the word “stupidest” whilst in some “modern” dictionaries is actually grammatically incorrect.

    If you assume that “lucid” is the antonym of “stupid”, nobody would ever use the word “lucidest” (or “torpidest”): the correct grammar is “more stupid” or “most stupid”.

    Yes, I am this pedantic: when I read postings on boards where people have typed “would of” instead of “would have”, it makes me want to start a political party that’s “tough on bad grammar, tough on the causes of the bad grammar”.

    And, by “tough”, I mean birch twigs and hot pokers, not community service.

  2. James Says:

    Well thats 2 minutes I’m never going to get back……

  3. Dr Suess Says:

    Point of order

    Shouldn’t “Yes, I am this pedantic” be “Yes, I am this pedant” ?


  4. Al Patrick Says:

    I think it’s \Chinglish\

  5. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    At least “most bezel-less” is more accurate than “seamless”.

    The funniest one I saw last year was at the OVAB conference on the directional signs to the theatre presentations. The talk signposted “Bradcasting: the importance of quality” I assumed was going to talk about brandcasting, not about sending Mr Pitt down a wire… Quality is everyting, innit.

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