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Joint Task Force Works Towards Easier Mobile Marketing Programs

The Mobile Marketing Association [1] and CTIA-The Wireless Association [2] have created a joint task force that will streamline the process for Common Short Code-based mobile marketing programs in the U.S.

The new group will focus on two areas: shortening time-to-market for mobile marketing programs and supporting those mobile marketers who best adhere to consumer protection guidelines. These efforts will help businesses connect efficiently with millions of wireless customers, while helping to build increased consumer trust in mobile marketing campaigns.

CSCs are five- or six-digit numbers that are used for text or multimedia messaging mobile marketing programs such as mobile giving, tele-voting and marketing promotions. The joint task force will work to create uniform guidelines across carrier networks. It will also carefully balance monitoring of the CSC-based mobile marketing programs to ensure consumers are protected and campaigns are appropriately functioning. And it will recommend mechanisms to reward consistently trustworthy performers and explore potential enforcement mechanisms to drive greater compliance.

“It is essential that we increase the operational efficiencies around short codes to make it easier and more effective for marketers to integrate message-based mobile campaigns into their marketing mix,” says Greg Stuart, CEO of the MMA.