Presentations for Digital Signage Asia 2007

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The presentation titles and topics are now in from all the speakers for the Digital Signage Asia 2007 conference and I have listed them below.

The event of course is just 4 weeks away now.

Barnaby Page is moderating the event and I have been asked to close the conference with a summary of the whole 2 days’ worth of speakers and presentations and set the scene for going forward.

  • Bill Gerba, Co-founder & CEO, Wirespring Technologies

    “Building successful networks that maximise ROI”

  • Dr. Rajeev Sharma, Co-founder & CEO, VideoMining Corp.

    “Technology-enabled network rating and the benefits for Brands / Retailers”

  • Ravi Kiran, CEO, South Asia, Starcom MediaVest Group & CEO, Asia, Specialist Solutions, Starcom MediaVest Group

    “Metrics required for integrating Digital Signage networks into a Brand’s media plan”

  • Partho Dasgupta, CEO, Future Media

    “Setting objectives, planning, deploying and managing content for a multi-store, multi-format, multi-in-store location networks”

  • GS Sridhar, President, Outdu

    “Technology and the future of Digital Signage – potential, possibilities & pitfalls”

  • Alex Hughes, Strategic Director, Amigo Digital

    “Competing for Attention – Content development for in-store and OOH digital networks”

  • Nick Gale, Founder, Realisation

    “Key criteria for achieving greater content solutions”

  • Kelly Canavan, Marketing Development, Manager, 3M

    “Optimising ROI of Digital Communication Networks”

  • Govind Shrikhande, CEO, Shoppers’ Stop

    “Changing consumer lifestyles in India and the opportunity for Digital Communication Networks”

  • Yuval Molnar, APAC Account Manager, TruMedia

    “Measuring audience, not just traffic – using technology to measure your ROI”

  • Rajesh Jog, CEC, VJIVE Networks

    “Digital Consumer Engagement & Activation”

  • Christian Vaglio-Giors, MD, Neo Advertising

    “Defining & Achieving ROI for Carrefour Live”

  • Dan Ginsburg– CEO – TAG Media Network

    “In-Store TV – Digital Signage or Television ?”

  • Adrian Cotterill, Industry Analyst and Interim Exec

    “Setting the Pace – Lessons for a successful Digital Out of Home Future”

Seriously, is this not one of the best speaker lists you have seen outside the US?

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