Intel’s Retail Demos

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Intel had many of the same demos on their stand at #ISEUROPE that they had at #nrf11, that they will have at #dse2011 and also at #ScreenMediaExpo…

.. wherever they are, they are always worth a look and a play. Personally I don’t think they are perfect – in some cases being very ‘wide of the mark’ in terms of what retailers really want but they do serve as good ‘idea generators’

One Response to “Intel’s Retail Demos”

  1. Thomas Dockter Says:

    Especially the kiosk in the picture is not a good ‘idea generator’. It delivers a lot to complain about to the penny crunchers from the retail industry. Who really wants to choose the clothes they wanna try in a changing booth from a display? I was told at the NRF show the biggest concern was to not have to much dwell time at this ‘kiosk’. So why have it then at all?

    To much tech driven gadget thinking instead of solving real problems with technology.

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