Volkswagen’s Ski Reports On WSJON

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Skiers and snowboarders who work in office buildings containing the Wall Street Journal Office Network now find that planning for their ski vacations and weekend getaways just got much easier: They need look no further than their office building lobbies for real-time reports about some of the country’s top ski resorts, brought to them exclusively by Volkswagen of America.

The ski reports – covering weather and trail conditions at local mountains as well as some of the top ski destinations in the U.S. – are an innovative feature of Volkswagen of America’s advertising campaign on WSJON for the all-new 2011Touareg SUV.

When the Touareg’s digital video ads appear on WSJON’s high-definition digital video screens – located in more than 760 U.S. office buildings – conditions at various mountains, sponsored by Volkswagen of America, replace the date, time, and stock market indices that generally occupy the screens’ upper right-hand sector.

The campaign and sponsored ski reports have been running since early January on the WSJON in coordination with Volkswagen of America’s Touareg marketing efforts around top ski locations.

“Volkswagen of America is the most recent advertiser to take advantage of our unique, custom data insertion capabilities,” says Jim Harris, WSJON’s CEO. “The company is leveraging a high-profile way to showcase the Touareg through attention-grabbing video creative while also providing practical, useful information that is directly related to the new model’s impressive capabilities.”

Advertising revenues at WSJON rose more than 40% in 2010.

“This is shaping up to be another exceptional year for The Wall Street Journal Office Network,” says Harris. “Our viewers spend an average of three and a half minutes per day viewing our screens, at a time when they are not being exposed to other advertising messages. This share of mind, combined with the premium news content of The Wall Street Journal, has proven to be a winning combination for a wide range of marketers.”

VW’s agency for this campaign is MediaCom.

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