Lebanon’s Antonine University Uses Free DS Software

Geny Caloisi

With multiple campuses in Lebanon, Antonine University (like many) has come to the conclusion that using Digital Signage is the best way to communicate with students and staff. The University is deploying digital signage software from Digital Recall in two of its campuses.

Antonine University took licenses for up to 24 Player PCs. Each one of the players is able to have multiple screens attached and display its own independent content.

Michael Marcus, CEO of Digital Recall says “Our free software was originally developed to provide a free (or extremely low-cost) digital signage software solution for small and medium sized users including educational institutions that may prefer a low-cost solution. However we notice from our many large business and institutional users that the demand for “good value” prevails amongst users of all sizes, and we count some of the World’s largest educational institutions and corporations amongst our users.”

He continued “Many users use the free version downloadable version. However if additional functionality is required then our extremely low cost “Additional Software Options” will satisfy the needs of most digital signage users.”

This solution has no ongoing or monthly fees and the fact that users use their own FTP or LAN in order to communicate between the Manager PC & Players makes the system even lower cost.

Other educational institutions around the world also use Digital Recall free digital signage software, including: California State University San Marcos; Ringwood Secondary College; Holy Trinity College; and Latrobe University.

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