CBS Outdoor New Pods

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

As the folks who built this also built VMG’s Iconic Pod it’s no surprise that at first glance they look slightly similar.

These are the Pods that CBS Outdoor are deploying in their Westfield, London shopping mall which opens at the end of the month.

We like the design but having been one of the first to see them up close we are disappointed that the screens are actually quite small – it’s all much more like a 4-Sheet than a 6-Sheet, which of course bucks the trend in the outdoor market for bigger screens.

At least they are in portrait but we think this is a weird, possibly bad move, from CBS Outdoor on their first foray into retail outdoor.

3 Responses to “CBS Outdoor New Pods”

  1. David Says:

    terribly ugly!
    Looks like a WC perfuming stuff.
    the last thing I want is to have this in my city.
    OMG, please, no !

  2. von bromich Says:

    hummmmm this is good yes.

  3. Frank Ucked Says:

    Having invested my life savings in vmg and seen them dwindle to flockall, do you think they will ever show a return?

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