Royal Bank of Canada RFP

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It always pains us when we hear of (let’s just be kind and say) ‘poorly managed’ RFPs. From the show floor of #dse2011 we heard mutterings from a happy vendor and several not-so happy vendors about the work from another mighty bank.

It appears that the recent Royal Bank of Canada RFP process was heavily (let’s say) oriented at the likes of Cisco who with their usual arrogance figured they would win it hands down (sounds a bit like H&M and whoops you they haven’t won that won either). From what we heard it was Cisco’s for taking (though what sort of RFP process that is we don’t know) but when Cisco presented the final costs the customer flipped out big time and said no. John Ryan was also in the RFP process.

The big rollout plan is we believe only just possible but the incumbent vendor (a Canadian software vendor, we will say no-more) has basically kept the account.

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