I’m In A Traffic Jam, Help!!

Geny Caloisi

Finally we have a chance NOT to get stuck in traffic jams! Publicly located screens across Europe, the United States and Canada will be able to broadcast live traffic status news, thanks to a deal between Infotraffic and INRIX, a global leader in traffic information.

The agreement, announced at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, will enable INRIX to commercialize real-time traffic maps for the Digital Media market.

Companies’ lobbies, hotels, airports, restaurants or car parks will be able to inform their clients about the state of  the traffic before setting off, enabling drivers to anticipate itinerary options and save trip time – and stress.

French company Infotraffic was the first to have integrated the power of automobile communities to enhance the coverage of road news. Initially present on the Web, then on mobile phones, the company proposed its real-time traffic news broadcasting technology on widescreen as early as 2003. Now this deal makes it a reality.

Jerome Lefevre, founder of Infotraffic said, “Road traffic has become unavoidably essential information for any public screen. Demand is increasingly strong, daily in big cities but also in places where driving can be difficult in times of bad weather, industrial action or public gatherings.”

INRIX has the Coyote community traffic information already integrated into its offering – Coyote Systems Sarl is a provider of road safety products and services. Its network maintains a GSM/GPRS communication link with the Coyote servers to exchange real-time traffic information, fixed and mobile speed camera locations as well as alert consumers to frequent danger zones.

Coyote’s community of users consists of more than 650,000 users. A real-time GPS speed camera alert system, informs drivers of the location of all types of speed cameras including red light cameras and SPECS as well as mobile cameras and other traffic incidents such as accidents in real-time.

INRIX Europe General Manager Hans Puvogel said, “Infotraffic’s experience in mass market traffic information and its know-how in Digital Media confirmed INRIX’s choice for the distribution of its content. This two-tier expertise will enable distributors to obtain the best possible solution for their needs.”

“There is no miracle solution to avoid jams”, adds Jérôme Lefevre, “but the more drivers are informed in real time on the state of the roads, the less stressed the y become and the more effective they are in making the right decision.”

The 18 European countries covered are: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland.

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