Ram Vision Expands

Geny Caloisi

Ram Vision has opened an associated Regional sales office in Chelmsford, Essex.

The office is headed up by Sales Manager Tony Hague. Hague, who has over 20 years experience in the digital advertising sector, commented, “I have always said that when your job is not the most exciting thing in the forefront of your mind, it is time to look at where you are heading.  I honestly believe joining RAM Vision team and opening up this new regional office is the most exciting decision I have made.  There is a freshness within the company and looking around I see the characters required for making Ram Vision a major player in the digital out of home industry. We are all at our best when happy and there is a real buzz around this place.  Long may it continue! “

The main focus of Ram Vision’s regional advertising office and team, is to make big screen advertising available to local and regional businesses and brands. With the company now also offering RAM 3D, the possibilities are quite exciting.

David Da Costa, MD of Ram Vision, Michael Russo of Tridelity, Amar Hussain of Free Ray Dubai, Tan Choudhry of Free Ray UK

RAM 3D is the result of a partnership between Ram Vision and Free Ray 3D Ltd –already reported on DailyDOOH.  The  65” 3D screens, which need no glasses, will be rolled out of in the UK Mall Environment.

Tan Choudhry, Head of Free Ray UK believes that Free Ray UK’s initial investment of 3D screen hardware into Ram Vision on an exclusive basis; will generate gross sales revenues for both organisations in excess of £600k in the first year of operations.

Richard Prosser, Director of Ram Vision comments, “after travelling throughout Europe and the Middle East evaluating the best 3D advertising platforms, we are convinced that the Free Ray product base, infrastructure and investment will provide a strong platform for major International Brands to promote their products in premier UK and European Shopping Malls, giving brands the ultimate edge in advertising.”

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