Off Their Trolley (Again)…

Chris Sheldrake

Back in March we wrote about “MediaCart, Microsoft and Wakefern teaming up to announce delivery of the ‘Next-Generation Digital Grocery Shopping and Ad Experience’” here we see Thomson’s Premier Retail Networks, Inc. (PRN) and Cabco Group Electronic Shopping Carts May 2008 strategic alliance paying dividends with the early announcement of advertisers being brought to the table – don’t you mean ‘to the shopping cart’, Ed

The charter advertising deals are with Unilever, Church & Dwight Co., Inc., Cadbury Adams, Bush¹s Baked Beans and American Greetings.

Cabco’s TV Kart incorporates interactive display screens into digital shopping carts which are designed to entertain young children who are sitting in the interior of the cart, whilst providing targeted information for moms and dads on monitors facing them while they shop.

Vincent Sottosanti, Unilever Shopper Marketing Team Lead, who is advertising its Suave, Sunsilk, Degree and Klondike brands on the TV Kart said in the press release “We realize now, more than ever, just how important it is to reach consumers within the in-store environment”

He added “We believe Cabco has a great product that will help us reach our core consumer target (mom). We’re excited to test this new technology and we are confident that it will live up to our expectations”

Personally we hate it. Don’t kids get enough TV when sitting at home, without having to be glued to a screen whilst out doing the grocery shopping. It may be well and good to say that the screen is a good way to ‘entertain’ them – isn’t that always an excuse of children being ‘plonked’ in front of a ‘telly’ – entertain them with a piece of fruit for goodness sake or a comic!!!

About Cabco Group

Cabco has successfully operated the TV Kart program in the United States since 2002, and is currently working with several leading retail chains. Customers using Cabco¹s electronic shopping carts find shopping a more fun, relaxing and enjoyable experience ­ It¹s like having a personal shop
assistant in every aisle. Cabco transforms the shopping experience.

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