#dse2011 PingHD / Signagelive

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

PingHD had a nice stand at DSE together with signagelive…

Just goes to show how far signagelive have come in being a global provider.

2 Responses to “#dse2011 PingHD / Signagelive”

  1. Kyle Porter Says:

    I second that note. The ping booth was very close to ours and I was impressed with their content, traffic, biz model, and the SignageLive offering. Great work guys.

  2. Jason Cremins Says:

    Thanks Adrian for the post and Kyle for you kind words.

    We had a great show with PingHD and the decision to show the SF Giants digital menu board array was pivotal to our success.

    We swept up a vast amount of inquiries from end users looking for a full service solution. The analogy I used on more than one occasion was that DSE is like walking into a car showroom to buy the car of your dreams, only to find 1,000’s of car parts all over the floor and being told you have to choose the ones you need and then build your own car.

    If our industry is to attract real buyers then there needs to more booths like PingHD’s showing the end application and less showing their latest widgets.

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