The Art Of Fusion In Watches

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Seems like Hublot, the prestigious Swiss watchmaker, has selected C-nario’s digital signage platform to create a multi-screen synchronized solution for large video walls at Hublot’s stores in Paris, France and New York City.

15 screens of 46 inches each

Hublot plans to deploy video walls driven by C-nario’s software at Hublot’s additional 26 stores worldwide we believe.

The project at Hublot’s store in Paris was conducted by APIA Solutions, a French company specializing in digital media and interactivity in point-of-sale environments. The integrator in New York was Media Services Worldwide, a US provider of design, integration and installation services.

Both video walls, in Paris and New York, display Hublot’s Web TV live streaming, high quality synchronized video clips of Hublot’s watches and brand animations. The displays are centrally managed from Geneva, Switzerland, using C-nario Messenger’s web tools.

Although located inside the store, the video walls are clearly visible to passers-by, attracting visitors to enter the shop. The high quality display, and Web TV broadcast, visibly conveys the prestige, elegance and exclusivity of the unique watches, creating a powerful customer experience.

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