Does Digtal Singage Beelong In Toronto Skools?

Dmitry Sokolov

The Toronto District School Board, Canada’s largest school board voted Wednesday on whether or not to expand OneStop Media’s Digital signage pilot project currently on the way at four test schools.

The pilot project currently under way and described here, delivers a 70-30% mix of student and what’s described as “non commercial” advertiser content. The ad content includes paid public service announcements, paid content by universities and content from the Milk Marketing Board.

The proposed board-wide program is reported to offer 5-15% of advertising revenue back to the TDSB.

One Response to “Does Digtal Singage Beelong In Toronto Skools?”

  1. old sign guy Says:

    Only in Canada would state sponsored propaganda be valued as a classroom tool.

    Shameful concept.

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