If You Have An Itch, You Screach

Geny Caloisi

Screenreach Interactive, a tech start up from the UK, has launched Screach – an interactive digital media platform that enables users to create real-time two way interactive experiences between smartphones and screen content with no need for additional hardware.

The two-way nature of Screach means consumers can interact with content and win instant, real-world prizes sent straight to their mobile phones – giving consumers compelling reasons to engage with digital signage, TV shows, and ads in new and exciting ways.

Paul Rawlings, CEO of Screenreach says, “In modern life we are surrounded by screens, but most of them offer a passive, one way experience. With Screach these screens can become fully interactive; giving brands an opportunity to really engage their customers on a whole new level.”

The ScreachXML language is capable of creating all kinds of interactive experiences, transforming smart phones into quiz answer pads, polling tools, games controllers and more.

“We have made Screach a social experience too – effectively checking users in on their Facebook Wall to experiences, brands and locations when they engage. As we offer both virtual and real world prizes, in the form of points, badges and coupons, brands can offer their customers a range of new ways of engaging – and as we profile users, brands can learn much more about their customers so that they can really tailor campaigns making them more relevant than ever before. “

Screenreach Interactive has partnered with RMG Networks’ coffee shop network across the US and with Newcastle United, one of the UK’s Premiership Soccer Clubs as well as several high profile Museums and visitor attractions.

“We have had a really positive response to our technology so far,” said Rawlings. “In our first month alone at the Royal Armouries Museum in the UK we had over 12,000 interactions, compared to only 107 ‘check ins’ at the same location achieved by other location based services. With partners at major sports venues in the UK and access to screens across America with RMG Networks, we’re confident Screach is going to have a massive impact on a global scale.”

5 Responses to “If You Have An Itch, You Screach”

  1. Al Patrick Says:

    Hmmm sounds like these guys…


  2. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Are the megaphone folks still in business? Whilst I see from the link that you provided they have moved on from the 2 person startup who came to Europe a couple of times to wow audiences at events (and talk to the OOH folks) to a ten person business we have seen NOTHING from these folks for over a year now.

    I’d say that Screenreach Interactive was more along the lines of never.no as a business actually?

  3. Peter Miles Says:

    Indeed that is very interesting as, I think, everyone agrees that finding innovative ways to encourage interactions between mobiles and screens does provide some exciting opportunities.

    Here at Subtv we have several smartphone initiatives which link the mobile to the screen network. One allows the students to select the content, make dedications and vote for their favourite videos. We are now getting over 25,000 interactions a week and about 1 in 3 videos played across the whole network is now user selected.

    No doubt in common with everyone else in this market we have some really exciting initiatives in the pipeline and this is an area that will develop quickly over the coming year or so.

    Good luck to all,


  4. David Weinfeld Says:

    As I am extremely familiar with all of the companies Adrian referenced, I figured that I would jump in to add some clarity.

    MegaPhone has since changed its name to MegaPhone Labs. The company is focusing a significant amount of its attention on social TV, working with stations and networks to make their programming interactive. The company has found a lot of success in the stadium and arena market, activating programs across 70+ different professional sports teams.

    I am a big fan of Screenreach and the company’s CEO, Paul Rawlings. Paul understands where the location-based industry is headed, and he is poised to make Screenreach a major player in social TV and interactive OOH. One of the most interesting aspects of the company’s platform, is its Screach XML programming language. The ease at which programmers can develop unique applications on top of Screach is a key differentiator.

  5. Paul Rawlings Says:

    There are definitely some interesting ways to connect screen and mobile. Screenreach is a platform where we allow creatives to easily create these interactions and make really cool experiences possible. We are simply the tool to facilitate the interaction and are creating a full network around these experiences giving benefit to the user and to the content provider. I think where we differ is in our approach (engage, profile, reward), using Screenreach the content knows exactly who is infront of it and can so give a deeper and richer experience.

    I think opening a platform like this to the world, allowing anyone to create FREE interactive experiences will over the next few months and years to come, push levels of engagement to the next stage. We tend to work with partners to really help push creativity and look forward to what people create either on our platform or on others.

    Hopefully we are now entering the DOOH 2.0 age.

    Look forward to the future.

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