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The Digital Works Institute To Open

Kip Voytek, recent winner of MDC Partners [1]‘ Million Dollar Challenge, is set to launch The Digital Works Institute.

Voytek, senior vice-president, communications planning at digital agency Rapp [2], planned to leave that position to found his New York-based digital arts and education venue. His idea won MDC’s top prize over more than 200 other contestants.

“Perhaps the biggest challenge our industry is facing today is the huge dearth of digital talent and future leaders,” Voytek said in a release. “The most effective digital leaders are collaborative with a broad base of skills, which is hard to find and even harder to cultivate. Traditional curriculum doesn’t address this.”

The Institute will be non-profit. MDC will make no money from the venture. Voytek has plans on launching a two more institutes – another in the U.S. and one in Canada – in the next two years.

Miles Nadal, chairman of Toronto-based MDC, announced last summer that the holding company would entertain all comers and their proposals for start-up agencies and advertising businesses, offering $1 million for any idea MDC deemed worthy of investment.