Trumedia opens Sales Office in Amsterdam

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief


I am always amazed at the number of companies (often US companies but this is not a ‘dig’ at the US in particular) who think they can get into Europe (their words not mine) by opening up an office in the UK (usually London).

UK citizens rarely speak any other language than English and whilst, yes, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is part of Europe and the European Union it is certainly not part of “Continental Europe”.

Thought: If the Americans can have “conus” to define the Continent of North America (google “define: conus” for a full list of definitions) then why in Europe can’t we have “conEUR” to define Europe without the UK?

If you are outside Europe and looking to setup an office and establish business here then please don’t choose the UK; choose a country with good air and rail links to elsewhere, easy to get in and out of (sorry that means you cannot have an office in Paris), where typical employees will speak 2 or 3 languages and where you will have some business on your doorstep.

Kudos then to Trumedia who have got it right and just announced the opening of a sales office in the wonderful city of Amsterdam.

This new sales office will be headed by Lisa Chan, European Sales Manager. I don’t know Lisa but I am told that she has “extensive business development experience in the retail industry and has expertise in branding, data handling, security and logistics solutions”.

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