Insteo Comes To UK And Ireland

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Blue Apricot Technology Ltd has agreed an exclusive agreement from Insteo in the USA to distribute their interactive social media screens throughout the UK and Ireland.

Kodi Boutique

Darren Fenton, Blue Apricot Technology MD told us “This is one of the most exciting technologies we have seen, it will give our clients direct contact with social medias like Facebook and Twitter whilst shoppers or leisure users are actually in their premises. Not only that their comments are shared with their social network and the other customers on the premises. It combines technology and word of mouth into a powerful sales tool”.

At first glance there’s little with Insteo that cannot be achieved elsewhere so we are yet to be convinced that there is a market for this but you can see Blue Apricot and the Insteo solution at #ScreenMediaExpo in May in London.

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